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Ticino Sculpture Park

Gallarate, Varese - Italy


The design of this Sculpture Park has the audacity to become a harmonious connection of nature, architecture and art, an oasis of bliss for the eyes and for the soul.
For this reason, it is not surprising if it is considered the architecture and the landscape is not as separate entities but a whole: an "extension of architecture" or a "mixture of green sceneries".

The project area falls intervention in the PRG (General Plan) of the City of Gallarate (Varese) in C2 zone, referred to as "agricultural zone forest landscape in the best interests"; in addition there is a further constraint cultural-historical for the presence of an ancient Lombard casorale, typical of the rural history of this area.

Everything is protected and regulated by the NTA of the Park of the Ticino Valley, which monitors and adjusts both imposing regulations on the protection of farm and forest land, which fall within its borders and on the reuse and recovery of those abandoned rural settlements of historical/environment, such as the building in our project.

The challenge in this project work resided first in finding a designated use that is accepted by all the requirements that you had to undergo, no bearing damage or disturb the natural heritage that is going to change and expectations of use of the Customer.

We have chosen to recover the cultural and romantic place and decided to transform the wooded area in a large open-air museum, scenery primordial to house the works of art by artists invited to locate on the bare ground their sculptures. A labyrinth of peace, history, art and nature would have been the goal of the Park.

The rural building surrounded by nature it is closely connected, because the functions chosen to play in it: a place of trade and cultural exchange, a place of experimentation and learning, a place of refreshment and rest. The four floors above ground and the basement are used in part to accept and accommodate the artists and visitors and in part as a private residence of the Customer.
The plans allowed for collective use have been designed as a meeting place for discussion seminars and workshops of artists, refreshments and stay at guesthouse use of guests.

The complex design work had the aim to re-evaluate the site in its globality, working on rural recovery of the building and the natural park, became at this point artistic-cultural base of a much broader project such as the Sculpture Park.

Info project:

Gallarate, Varese, Italy

SQM built:

1,8 Milion of Euro

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