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Contemporary Lighting Context 2011

Como - Italy


From 15 October to 6 November, the 2011 edition of the exhibition of art and contemporary light Alarms was held in Como. Completely renovated in form and content, it was held in a very special place: the headquarters of a military operation like the barracks of Cristoforis Como, with the first edition of an exhibition dedicated to the theme of light: Lighting Contemporary Context, the first festival of AMBIENT LIGHTING in Italy....

Sponsored by various public institutions, such as the Lombardy Region, the Province of Como, Como Municipality and associations such as the AIDI (Italian Illumination Association), the Academy of Light and APIL (Association of Italian independent Lighting Designers), it involved a large number of artists, designers and lighting designers, allowing them to develop facilities in areas distinct from each other. The authors present were: lo Studio Antico, Franco Campioni, Studio Castiglioni, Collettivo Azione Luce, Emilio Corti, FRAU18•08 partners (arch. Mario Frau e des. Monica Cozzi), Pier Paolo Koss, Tonylight, Gruppo MID, Stefano Mazzanti, Fulvio Michelazzi, Alessandro Mayer, Studio GMS, Paola Urbano e Marcello Zagaria.

Specifically, the installation of Studio FRAU18•08 partners wanted to bring out the relationship between sunlight and the subtle changes that occur in our body as a function of it. In the course of his evolution, man and its 'increasingly' seperation from nature and from contact with it, until completely forgetting it, since the creation of the bulb. Recent studies have demonstrated a deep correlation between the human and natural physiological cycles, particularly related to sunlight, and 'so important' back to basics "and recover (re-echo link, literally" the natural reconnect ") with a contact the sun and its rhythms.

And when that 'is not possible? In recent years, technology has developed a series of lighting appliances able to modulate the light in order to make it more 'hot or more' cold according to requirements. The project aims to focus attention on the importance of the variation of light during the day, even when it comes to artificial light in order to do so, and 'artificially created, in a room, the light conditions during the 24 hours in a reference to the natural environment...

The cycle of the installation was shortened to 8 minutes to allow users to perceive the change of light. Furthermore, the light was mediated by a plate of leaves from the double meaning: the filter, cause there was the need to convey a feeling of closeness to nature, (like finding yourself in a forest), and dramatic, because it wanted to create a play of light / shadow in the room...

The walls and floor, strictly white, made it possible to perceive the change of light and mark the transition from day to night, is intended as a revival, and as essential for the biological existence. Finally, the simple graphics on the floor and walls have explained the concept and characterized the environment...

The entire event, was a journey into the light and its applications, and environmental art. Installations, to experience the event at 360° have been joined debates and public meetings always on the theme of light, given by professionals and teachers of national fame...

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Como - Italy

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