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Dinamo Stadion

Minsk - Belarus


In the plan of the lighting system of a sporting structure, like a football ground, it's necessary to regard the visual demands of the players, of the spectators and the audience...

In the planning ambit the important aspects are not only the lighting and uniformity levels, but also the efficiency of the costs and the emotional effect which the lighting can excite. For certain the lighting of the Football Ground and the Athletic Run was bound by precise demands, it was impossible to set aside; that is to answer at those illuminating parameters of the rules for obtaining the Uefa Licence. It results that the lighting of the horizontal plane of the game, that it constitutes a great part of the competition background, is important for the contrast and for that depends the state of adaptation of the eyes and the global signal produced by a camera. The vertical lighting, instead, has an important role in order to the visibility of the athletes and the objects, like the football. This consists in high levels of lighting, especially in the case of television shots with high definition (HD-TV): these need 2500 lux for the ground, as well as the accurate choose of a lamp, that allows to get images with an high rendering of colours. The disposition of the lighting bodies is foreseen under a new covering, made up by a series of hanging parades.

The lighting of the Stadium architecture, instead, allows us to make use of some apparatus with an high technological content: they are regulated by an electronic switchboard, which allows the program of chromatic changeable scenes. The principle front is structured by a rhythm of empties and full, that characterizes the whole system; at this it's applied the new tensile covering in smeared PVC, supported by 26 still pennons which assures a shelter for the spectators. Covering the whole tensile structure with a colour not "static", but dynamic and with many chromatic facets, it's been the first aim.

Many types of sources and projectors, their electronic dimmerization, the possibility of crating and commanding them, allow us to "emerge the shell" of the Stadium and focus on some details: one lighting solution, extremely sensitive to the relation between inside and outside, that creates a direct dialogue with the architecture highlighting the design. Other planning ideas involve the lighting in the emergency and safety circles, in the courses, in the environment near the Stadium, in the public places and in the road circle.

Now our intention is focus on this second phase, sure that the result of these primary ideas will be surprising and fascinating...

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Minsk - Belarus

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