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Private Palace

Zhitomir - Ukraine


In Ukraine, along one of the principal streets of Zhitomir's city, upraise the Palace subject of a complete renovations. At the moment pharmaceutical office, it will develops into a prestigious residential Palace, in the near future, through a careful renovations. In the area will found location others three buildings: one will hold both the guardian house and series of rooms dedicated to the owner hobbies, a second will sees at itself inner different luxury cars and that in front will receives for one part the garden equipments and for the other part it will became a greenhouse with officinal plants, fruit plants and flowering bush. The volume of the residential building under the formal and composite profile is mindful of the past, both the draw of the facades, simple and linear with regular windows and the organization of the inner spaces. To intervene restructuring isn’t a simple thing.

The starting idea of intervention was been to re-read with contemporary key of traditional residential house, purified from each nostalgic and stylistic concession. A new reading with modern key of terseness and construction rigor which characterize the facades. It's scheduled the demolition of two lateral and service bodies at the low ground, to emphasize the rectangular shape of the plan, that is enrich and expand at the same floor in the interior front from a glass volume which hosts the living room and the swimming-pool.This interior space to refer directly to the outside through the large glass windows, to create a connection among living space and natural environment. At its interior the building has a distribution path over three floors, where for each the elevate thickness of the walls has determined the spatial rigor of the room distribution.

The decisive factor for the functionality of a residence is really the room distributions and in particular its interconnection. The project idea birth from a re-reading of the interior spaces by openings in the existing structure, allowing to have a most fluid distribution of the environments.

The construction centre presents a distribution of the living spaces over three levels: that at the ground, where there are the living room with the entry from the front of the street which brings at a large central corridor which divides symmetrically the floor, along it access to the kitchen, to the living spaces, to the service spaces, to the swimming-pool and to the private entry with direct view overlooking the garden.

At the superior floor there is the sleeping area with access by stair or lift. A series of parallel walls distribute with rationality and rigor the five rooms, which four manor, every gifted of private services and wardrobes, arranged in sequence and signalled at the exterior by mails of the opening that brings to a large terrace. Finally there is a buried floor where are located the service functions, the technical locals and the gym. Joining a sapient draw of the interior distributions with the care in the choice of the details and the finished materials, like for the "Fenice"; in Venice, will obtain, from the ashes of the past splendours, a precious, luxury and elegant residential palace, that we have called Zhitomir Palace...

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